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sweet smell

beautiful,tasty,best time i had smoking this from you guys,thanks for the delivery

ben f.
United States United States
I recommend this product

mouth watering

mouth watering thanks for my delivery

Buy Cheese Strain Online

Buy Cheese Strain Online, This fantastic, classic cheese is known worldwide for its pungency and nutty flavor, making an excellent base for eating or cheese toasties alike.

It thus makes a lot of sense that the Cheese cannabis strain was bred to smell as similar as possible to cheddar – if you are going to make a cheesy cannabis strain, you might as well make it identical to a famous cheese, right?

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Cheese is well-known for both its medicinal properties and its peculiar flavor. This strain is said to be descended from Skunk #1 and maybe combined with Afghani landrace strains to try and boost total trichome production.

It first appeared in 1988 by an unknown grower. This resulting combination is well-known for its propensity to induce a cheerful, contented frame of mind.

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Cheese’s first effects include a deep sense of relaxation and a boost in mood. The dominant experience is one of exceptional sativa influence, despite the fact that this strain is reportedly 80 percent indica.

You will feel both pleased and thrilled, greatly increasing your outlook on life as well as making your day better in general.

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After a little while, the high will transform into pure euphoria, which will last for the rest of the day, motivating you to work toward your goals and just keep going.

The overwhelming sensation of absolute hunger, on the other hand, will be by far the most significant hindrance. You will crave a large snack, preferably laden with cheese, more than you have in the past;

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it is a frequent joke that Cheese cannabis is solely responsible for high cheese sales in the UK — there will be nothing you desire more than a large snack, preferably loaded with cheese.

You will begin to experience a great bodily melt after you have satisfied your acute hunger, making you feel both intensely calm and relaxed at the same time.

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Cheese’s ability to flawlessly blend the feelings of both indica and sativa effects is one of its best attributes — you’ll feel wonderfully relaxed in your body while yet feeling incredibly empowered in your head. Where to Buy Cheese Strain Online

All of this is bolstered by its extreme cheesiness, which is almost artificial. This strain successfully combines the lovely British pastime of eating huge amounts of cheese with a strong urge to unwind happily in front of the television.

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Cheese is one of the most strong and well-known cannabis strains accessible, despite the fact that its exact lineage is unknown. So, how do you classify the scent and flavor of cheese? Apart from the obvious quality of ‘Cheese,’ how would you describe this strain?

Cheese Smell

However, just as the basic description of ‘wood’ or ‘berries’ is unable to represent the intrinsic richness of many flavors, simply the phrase ‘Cheese’ is insufficient.

Cheese comes in a wide range of flavors, intensities, and types, as any cheese connoisseur knows. The major scents of the Cheese cannabis strain include nuttiness and subtle complexity, with a clear inspiration point in cheddar cheese.


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