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i will always vouch for you guys,and i love the delivery,i will be travelling your way this december thanks see ya

Buy Khalifa Kush Strain

Buy Khalifa Kush Strain is an Indica-dominant hybrid (80/20 Indica) with astronomically high THC levels, testing between 26 and 29 percent on a regular basis. Its CBD concentration is around 2%, and it is a kid of OG Kush.

Wiz Khalifa’s cannabis brand is known as Khalifa Kush. The strain is being marketed by the rapper and his Colorado-based RiverRock brand as having a soothing but energetic impact. Khalifa abbreviates the strain’s name to KK.

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Mr. Khalifa joins the likes of Snoop Dogg, Willie Nelson, Melissa Etheridge, and others in promoting cannabis and unique strains.

Consumers can expect more celebrity-endorsed strains like Khalifa Kush in the near future as the cannabis industry expands its collaborations with celebrities.

The Cookie Co. 415, a dispensary in San Francisco, was the first to popularize Khalifa Kush. Wiz Khalifa claimed that developing the uncommon OG Kush genotype took years. They started from the ground up, with Khalifa personally testing the product before approving it.


Although the weed has a powerful fragrance and taste similar to OG Kush, Khalifa wanted it developed for a lemony flavor and pine overtones rather than earthy features. The strain is recognized for its energizing properties, making it ideal for a morning or afternoon session.

The strain was created by breeders to have uplifting mental effects as well as a soothing physical effect. Along with the high THC concentration, the effect on the body is non-sedating, which should appeal to recreational consumers.

This powerful herb should be used with caution by lightweights and new users.

The lack of strong sedation makes the strain suitable for mild and moderate medical

The strain is helpful for mild to moderate medical illnesses such as fatigue, tension, anxiety, and depression due to its lack of significant sedation, but the high CBD content is beneficial for more serious conditions. Medical patients may appreciate the strain’s smooth smoking, which is said to hurt the throat less than other strains.

The buds of Khalifa Kush are tiny to medium in size, green with orange hairs, dense, and resinous. Because it is a phenotype of OG Kush, cultivate it indoors, outside, or in a greenhouse when seeds are available.

The plant has a bushy appearance and generates a large amount of bud. Prune the plant to promote optimal development so that it can be harvested in 60 days.

Khalifa Kush, also known as “KK,” “Wiz Khalifa,” and “Wiz Khalifa OG,” is a marijuana hybrid strain created specifically for rapper Wiz Khalifa. Khalifa Kush has similar effects and scents to OG Kush: sour lemon and pine, with a powerful cerebral high that’s great for morning and midday use.


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