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Buy Master Kush Strain is a South Amsterdam-bred strain that was formerly known as High Rise. As an unusual tetraploid strain, this predominantly Indica strain gained favor in coffee shops there. The majority of marijuana strains are diploid. Each cell has two sets of chromosomes, one from each parent. Tetraploid strains have eight sets of chromosomes, four times the number of haploid strains.

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Several prizes have been given to the strain over the years. It won the Cannabis Cup, also known as the Superbowl of marijuana, twice, in 1992 and 1993. It’s also the strain of choice for Snoop Lion (Snoop Dog).

The pleasure produced by Master Kush is strong but not overwhelming, leaving consumers in a pleasant daze. A boost in inventiveness and intellectual curiosity has been reported by more experienced users.

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When Master Kush is smoked, common side effects include dry eyes and mouth. With higher doses or when Master Kush is consumed as an edible, some patients develop dizziness, paranoia, and anxiety.

The main purpose of this strain is to alleviate stress and anxiety. The Indica-dominant effects are perfect for unwinding in the evening. In the treatment of sleeplessness, Master Kush is particularly beneficial. Its numbing effect can aid in the management of chronic pain. Patients suffering from eating disorders like anorexia and bulimia may benefit from the intense, stereotypical’munchies’ induced by this strain.

Nirvana produced Master Kush, which is a hybrid between a true Hindu Kush and a Skunk. It takes 63 to 70 days for the strain to blossom. Master Kush thrives inside or in a greenhouse, where each plant can yield up to 200 grams.

Since the arrival of Master Kush, other strains have also taken up this name. Some are crosses of true Master Kush, but others are mere imitations.


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