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Buy Pot of Gold Strain is a 90% Indica hybrid with Hindu Kush, an Afghan landrace strain. This strain has the traditional Indica high, which includes sedation and euphoria, as well as the usual unfavorable side effects.

Pot of Gold is ideal for; loss of appetite, depression, pain, nausea, insomnia.Effects of Pot of Gold are: Postive effects includes; euphoria, relax, sleep. Negative effects include; dry eyes.


Pot of Gold Strain was chosen as one of two experimental strains from a total of more than 500. It is a wonderful strain for controlling chronic pain.

The strain was chosen for its glittering blossoms, tiny stature, and great yields by the Flying Dutchmen Seeds. In 1985, the Skunk #1 father and the pure Indica Hindu Kush mother came in Holland from California.

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Pot of Gold may be cultivated outdoors for eight to ten weeks before flowering, but its three foot height makes it ideal for an indoor setup. The strain prefers to be grown in soil organically. With an average THC content of 15%, this strain can yield up to 150 grams per plant.

The sticky buds and socially happy high make this a great hashish strain. The celebrity judges crowned Pot of Gold the champion of the 1998 High Times Cup for its potency, and it has continued to win various honors since then.

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Users should be aware that this strain’s couch-lock can entirely overwhelm certain users for up to two hours.

The Pot of Gold bud contains dense minty green leafy large nugs with deep amber undertones and a delicate layer of crystal trichomes.

Pot of Gold came in second place for Best Hybrid at the 2003 Cannabis Cup and is well-known among cannabis experts as the best bud for night use.

order Pot of Gold Strain

Leprechauns, according to folklore, bury a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. People’s enthusiasm for the story isn’t dampened by the reality that no one has ever found the gold!

The Pot of Gold strain is a hybrid of two world-class strains that has a strong indica influence. It’s an excellent choice for rewarding yourself at the end of a long, stressful day. Overnight Delivery Medical Marijuana


The customary pungent hash scent associated with high-quality cannabis can be expected by users. When crushing Pot of Gold buds, you may notice floral and fruity flavors.

It is an aroma that has received mixed responses from people. The intricacies of this strain’s fragrance are more likely to be appreciated by experienced users. Meanwhile, inexperienced users may find the odor overwhelming.


Once again, seasoned users are more likely to prefer Pot of Gold’s flavor to their inexperienced counterparts. It has a fruity and sweet hash flavor with a long lasting aftertaste. pure cannabis oil


The buds on Pot of Gold are small and densely packed, making it difficult to shatter them with your hands. The dark green leaves are long and slender, with orange pistils that thread around them. The trichomes’ gleaming coating only adds to the strain’s attraction.

Information on how to grow the Pot of Gold strain

When purchasing Pot of Gold seeds, keep in mind that it is best grown indoors. When planted indoors, it rarely grows to be more over three feet tall. As a result, it’s a fantastic choice for growers with limited space.

We must caution you that if you are a novice, this is not the ideal solution. Pot of Gold takes far more attention and care than the usual cannabis strain.

You must ensure that the temperature and humidity levels are appropriate. Otherwise, mold could grow on the strain. When growing indoors, it’s lot easier to keep everything under control.

Also, ensure that these plants have enough ventilation. Pruning the plant on a regular basis will guarantee that the lower buds get enough air and light.

If you decide to grow Pot of Gold outside, keep in mind that it prefers a warm, dry climate. By the middle of October, it is usually ready to harvest. If you know what you’re doing, you could have a yield of up to 31 ounces per plant if you know what you’re doing.


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