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Buy Purple Punch strain online is an indica-dominant hybrid with an 80:20 indica:sativa ratio. Despite its indica dominance, this plant provides a healthy degree of focus and functioning that lends itself to a wide range of tasks and circumstances. Medical Marijuana California

We occasionally come across a cannabis strain that is so well-balanced and delectable that we can’t believe it exists. Today, we’ll look at Purple Punch, a flower that has a lot of therapeutic benefits while also being a lot of fun. Purple Punch is a must-try strain that is both uplifting and relaxing, grounded but exciting. Buy Purple Punch strain online

If you missed out on the Purple Punch craze last year, now is your time to try this very uncommon strain, and trust us when we say it’s definitely worth the effort! Stick around to find out what makes Purple Punch so incredible in our full 2021 review. diablo og strain

Purple Punch is a sweet and fruity strain that will appeal to anyone who enjoys sweet and fruity strains. Your taste senses will be soaring in a delicious bliss in no time with a flavor profile of fruit punch, skittles, and grape. Purple Punch also provides a calming and euphoric high, so if you’ve been feeling down in the dumps and overstressed, this strain is here to help. durban poison vape


Fruit punch
Common usage
Growing info
This strain grows best outdoors in a sunny environment, so if growing indoors, be sure you have plenty of light. Indoor growers can expect a harvest in about 7-8 weeks, and outdoor growers around mid to late October.

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