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best og kush

best og kush i have had

Order OG Kush Strain Online

Order OG Kush Strain Online is a legendary strain with a moniker that is known far outside the cannabis community. Despite its prominence, however, its original roots are unknown. Some say it’s a hybrid of the popular Chemdawg and a hardy Hindu Kush landrace. It’s also possible that OG Kush evolved as an unique phenotype of another strain from unverified bag seed.

OG Kush Strain

The meaning of its name is also up for debate: “original gangster,” implying its status as an old-school building block strain; “ocean grown,” implying its origins along the California coast; and even “,” a now-defunct website that functioned as a resource for numerous cannabis farmers.

Buy OG Kush Strain

The potency of this strain is undeniable: its THC content has been routinely measured at between 20% and 25%.
This strain features nugget-like buds with a dense, indica-like structure that range in size from medium to large.

Buy OG Kush Strain online

The leaves are yellowish green, with hints of purple in some genotypes; the latter hue is caused by anthocyanin pigments being triggered by cold temperatures.
The bright orange pistils, which are designed to catch pollen from fertilizing male plants, show out against the vibrant blossoms.
The buds are covered in trichomes, which give them a silvery-white look and make them extremely sticky to the touch;
users may wish to use a grinder while preparing buds for a joint or pipe.
The buds have an earthy, musty aroma that is enhanced by some citrusy brightness when properly cured, giving them the overall impression of a hoppy craft beer.

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