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Order Sour Diesel Strain The common usage of Sour Diesel; uplifted, relaxed, happy, euphoric. Effects of diablo og are: Postive effects includes; stress free, depression, insomnia, fatigue, pain. Negative effects includes; Dry eyes, dry mouth, paranoid, headache, anxious.

Sour Diesel is a fantastic blast, a cross between Chemdawg and a Sativa we haven’t yet recognized. We don’t even know who originally bred it; most people refer to him or her as “A.J.” or “Asshole Joe.” It not only has a high THC content of 26 percent, but it also has a low THC content of 2 percent CBD and 4 percent CBN, which is unusual.

These chemical components do not change the basic effects of Sour Diesel, but they create a range of strength that is difficult to predict (or control). Sour Diesel (also known as “Sour Deez” or “Sour D” for short) brings a virtually pure 90 percent Sativa to bear on your restless mind for a sense of ultimate blissful heaviness. You’re not going to stand a chance.

The lineage of Sour Diesel is a little mysterious. Researchers believe it was formed by chance using strains from the Chemdawg and OG Kush lines.

Chemdawg 91, as well as other possibilities like DNL and Massachusetts Super Skunk, are suspected of being the parents. In either case, the plant grows leggy, producing a thicket of foxtails around its dense, light green nugs and emitting fragrant aromas into your indoor garden, much like small skunk-citrus flower bombs.


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