Organic CBD Flower With Terpenes – Medical Marijuana

Organic CBD Flower With Terpenes – Medical Marijuana will brighten your day without causing you to lose your mind. But it’s not simply CBD that keeps your mind clear. So let’s take a moment to focus on another important component of our organic hemp flower: terpenoids.


These compounds are really popular right now. They are plentiful. They’re all over the place. And they play a huge role in our CBD flower and pre-rolled joints. Medical Marijuana

This is something you already know, but not because you can see the terpenes. You can tell because you can smell them. It’s the essential plant oils that give plants of all kinds their scent: fruits, flowers, and trees. Organic CBD Flower

And hemp plants.

Will it appear unusual if you take a moment to sniff the terpenoids? No way, dude! When we open a new pack of , we always take a time to plant our feet and inhale the scents of pine, pepper, hops, and lavender.

It’s a euphoric experience, like the first breath of a freshly poured Sierra Nevada Pale Ale.The comforting scent of freshly cut firewood. The crisp, line-dried aroma of lavender wafting from newly washed clothing or the peppery bark of a sirloin.

moonrock strain

We touched on this briefly in our Batch #004 Smoking Notes from last year (as part of our Grass Guide for Guys & Gals), but now we’re going to dig a little deeper into the science behind it all.

These fragrances, it turns out, play an important role in the symphony of 500 or so compounds produced by hemp and cannabis plants. According to Dr.

dr zodiak cartridge

David Bearman, a longtime expert in all things linked to the cannabis plant and how its components operate in the body, it’s the whole symphony that makes their flowers significant.

“In plant-based medicine, this is a crucial concept,” he explained. The American Association of Cannabinoid Medicine, or AACM, has Dr. Bearman as its vice president. “In the case of cannabis, the plant’s cannabinoids and terpenes work together.”


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